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To help young adults make better choices, hire Ned for the life-changing speech

Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Future


An Amazon #1 bestselling author, avid speaker, and motivational personal coach Ned Barrett has something big and wildly important to say. It’s life changing, lifesaving, and life inspiring. It’s something he learned the hard way. The real hard way. We all have moments when we don’t know if we’re going to make it through whatever it is that is taking us down. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

What he’s learned … what he knows about the power of choice, can change a mind, alter a life and make the difference between a life of happiness and achievement or one that is measured by doubt, grief, pity, loss or confusion. His keynote speech, “Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Future” has transformed the lives of countless numbers of students, and his coaching continues to help artists that are struggling to make their dreams become a reality.

“Ned truly inspired my students more than any guest speaker in 13 years of teaching. No one has ever held an audience of teenagers like that before in our school and seemingly inspired students to believe that life was going to begin being good as soon as … now!”


“You are a very inspirational person who made me look back and think I am capable of doing anything and everything I want to be able to do. I won’t give up in my goals in life even when I feel like my world is falling apart.”


“Ned’s speech inspired me to not think about the negative things in the past, to live my life and know that problems will happen, but also good things. No matter what I have done in the past I shouldn’t let it effect my future and because of Ned I will think about the good things in life.”


Ned Barrett

Speaker - Author - Artist