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The Basics

Diana Slater Décor | The Basics

I research specific recommendations for your space that fit within your budget. Approximately 16-20 choices will be presented.

Finally, no longer than 7 days after we first meet, I email you photos of the items I recommend and we have a one hour phone conversation for you to review the options and answer questions that you have.

If you wish to have me procure the items for you, I charge $50/hour and you reimburse me for the actual price of the items only. I do not put a markup on the items you purchase. Did I mention I love to shop!

  • Price$595.00 

Reupholstery or Window Treatments Only

Diana Slater Décor | Reupholstery or Window Treatments Only

PRICE: $150 paid in advance and put toward any order exceeding $1000.
(Full disclosure: I am given a professional discount by the upholsterers and fabric companies that I work with that isn’t available to the public. If the order exceeds $1000, you will not be charged a consultation fee.)

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Total Overhaul

Diana Slater Décor | Total Overhaul

Includes all the above services at a reduced cost of $300 for the consultation, $50 an hour for shopping services, and no separate consultation fee for reupholstery or window treatments. This assumes you will be purchasing at least $2500 in products that I receive a professional discount on.

Additionally, I arrange for installation of all artwork and window treatments and I personally oversee placement of all items per the floor plan. Installation, electrical, and assembly of furniture are at an additional cost.

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Select Design Service

NOTE: Reupholstery/Window Treatments Only
$150 design fee*
• Waived if order exceeds $1,000

The Basics

Includes a 1 to 1½ hour home visit where we sit down to:

  • Create the perfect floor plan for roughly 2 rooms or an entire studio.
  • Decide which furniture to reuse and which new pieces are needed.
  • Find storage/organization solutions.
  • Determine artwork placement, window treatments, paint, and more.
  • Discuss the design styles you like, your preferred colors, and, most important, your budget.

Reupholstery or Window Treatments Only

I give you my professional opinion regarding what will look best in your space and whether it will meet your personal or families needs.

  • Includes review of photos sent to me showing the item(s) you wish to reupholster or the windows you wish to cover.
  • Includes a half hour phone call to get an idea of the type of fabric you wish to look at and the colors and patterns you prefer.
  • Includes an hour home visit where I consult with you regarding the fabrics I have selected and measurement of the furniture piece(s) or window(s) to give you an accurate estimate.
  • Free pick-up and delivery of your furniture.
  • Project management with follow-up conversations to keep you apprised of the status.
  • Post delivery action if you are unhappy with any aspect of the work.

Home Décor & Resources

Diana Slater Décor | Home Décor

Home Décor
Diana’s line of custom home décor includes hand painted signs, local artwork, and one of a kind embroidered throw pillows.

Diana Slater Décor | Diana Slater enjoys shopping in consignment, antique and vintage stores and will get you the best prices possible for any new furniture you may need.

Diana Slater enjoys shopping in consignment, antique and vintage stores and will get you the best prices possible for any new furniture you may need.

Diana Slater Décor | Contact Diana at 805.428.7308

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