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Are you ready to get your place together and really make it shine? Do you want to make the spaces you live and work in beautiful?

Diana Slater | Interior Decorator and Crafts Person Extraordinare

I’m Diana Slater and I’m an interior decorator and crafts person extraordinare. I assist people just like you to take their space from okay to wonderful. While doing reupholstery and custom window treatment design, I realized that I really wanted to be able to help customers really finish their rooms and make them beautiful. Accessories, pillows, and rugs can truly bring a room together. And they're not expensive!

Bringing you beautiful pieces without spending more money than you have to

Diana Slater Décor | Making Beautiful Spaces

You don't have to spend a fortune for furniture either. I combine my love of decorating with my love of estate sales and second hand stores to bring you beautiful pieces without spending more money than you have to. I also have access to a line of upholstered pieces made in the US with a terrific warranty at less than you can find them at any furniture store.

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My Story

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I don’t fit into a conventional box. I bet you don’t either.

I wanted to be an interior decorator when I graduated from high school. But like many of you probably know, life sometimes gets in the way of our dreams. I had to support myself and was an executive secretary for many years, then a contract administrator. There was no time for design college. I sold real estate in my then home state of Virginia, was recognized for my outstanding sales volume of new homes, and had just gotten into property management when my husband was offered an awesome opportunity in California. So, in 1995, we moved to California. Having long forgotten about wanting to be an interior decorator, I continued to work in the property management field and then I went to school to become a paralegal. As a paralegal, I was known for getting the best possible outcome I could achieve for my attorney’s clients. You see, I put my whole self into my business whatever business I’m engaged in.

In 2004, I was diagnosed and treated for cancer and my whole attitude toward life changed. I decided it was time to take some chances in life. I ran and operated my own legal documents business until another illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, took its toll in 2010.

I got well again and after many years of experience decorating my home and friends’ homes, I decided to take the plunge and become an interior decorator. Being into crafts for many years, I also decided to start selling handmade embroidered pillows. I honed my love of color by learning to paint with watercolors and acrylics and that experience translates into both my interior decorating and pillow design.

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