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Providing Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services to a Wide Range of Customers

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Our highly trained cleaning crews are experienced in all aspects of commercial cleaning. We are a one-stop shopping destination for all your cleaning needs.


There is no cost to meet with us. We will be happy to explain our franchise program and provide you with the necessary information to get started.

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We provide professional services to a wide range of customers. Our cleaning crews are highly trained in all aspects and details of commercial cleaning.

Orbit Cleaning Concepts

Providing Quality Service Along with Recent Technological Advances in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

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Contact Us to have one of our Professional Marketing Consultants visit your facility and provide you with a customized work schedule that lists each service you want performed. Tell us what you need and when you want it and Orbit Cleaning Concepts will provide it. Please call 855.665.3400 for further information.

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Click Here to request information about becoming a Orbit Cleaning Concepts Franchise Owner. You will be contacted by our Regional Office to schedule an appointment, we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. You can also reach us by calling 855.665.3400 during regular business hours.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Have one of these highly trained & motivated business owners be your cleaning service.

At Orbit Cleaning Concepts we don’t just clean your business to enhance appearance we clean to help provide a healthier environment. First our franchise owner assigned to your account has been through an intense training program designed around the concept of giving customers a more healthy work place for their employees. Second we use high tech cleaning methods and equipment. Our micro fiber color coded system helps prevent cross contamination. Most cleaning companies use white cleaning cloths and string mop systems that cross contaminate your facility. Often the same mop and cleaning clothe used in your restrooms are also used in you break room and general office areas. That cleaning cloth use in the restrooms may be used to wipe your phone and desk. This causes serious cross contamination in your facility. Orbit Cleaning Concept's color code micro fiber system prevents this. Our back Pack Vacuums have a 4 level filtration system which will help improve your indoor air quality. To have one our Marketing Consultants stop by and provide you with a Custom Maintenance Proposal fill out the Service Information Form or call us at 855.665.3400.

Franchise Program

Orbit Cleaning Concepts was founded by business people who believe helping people to get started in their own business is a way to help improve their lives and live the American Dream!

At Orbit Cleaning Concepts we stand ready to help people get established in the exciting $100 Billion per year Commercial Cleaning Industry. The Commercial Cleaning Industry, one of the fastest growing service industries in the USA, is also a historically recession resistant industry. A Orbit Cleaning Concepts franchisee goes thru complete training program. Orbit Cleaning Concepts will provide you cleaning contracts to get you started and to help you grow. We have a complete insurance program for your business at discount pricing. Orbit Cleaning Concepts also provides the best support program in the industry. If you have a desire to be your own boss, are a highly motivated person and want to take control of your own destiny fill out the request for Franchise Information Form or call us at 855.665.3400.