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Welcome to Aerial Alchemy
Providing applications that are simple to use
Easy to deploy and provide the most reliable data

Increasing Accuracy, Efficiency and Safety

Aerial Alchemy specializes in solutions that deploy remote sensors aboard a wide range of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). These systems can be deployed at low altitude just about anywhere, at anytime providing better situational awareness at the same time increasing accuracy, efficiency and safety.

about us

Why Us?

Many of the start-ups in the emerging drone market are working to overcome problems by using standard off-the-shelf technology that they are familiar with. But for very important problems - the ones lives depend on, the kind that public safety officials deal with on a daily basis - that’s not good enough.

Our Mission

To develop solutions that provide a more direct linkage between analytical aerial sensing technologies and real world problems. We work with you to develop solutions that provide situational awareness data you can trust. Click Here for further information about us and what we have to offer.

“Unmanned aerial systems have the potential to change the face of civilian agencies in profound ways.
To accomplish this; developers, integrators and operators need to work together differently than they have in the past.”

- Charles Spaulding, Founder

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Aerial Alchemy

A seemingly magical process of combining possibility thinking with flying machines (sUAS) and aerial data resulting in profitable conclusions.

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